Arthur Price Old English Cutlery Set, 44 Piece





This magnificent 44-piece cutlery set is in a classic Old English design with a timeless elegance that will never look out of place. Evolved from Parish patterns popular in the 1750s, this range has been designed with balance, weight and timeless poise. Exclusive to John Lewis, this range features a distinctive ‘pip’ on the handles to complement any table setting. The ‘pip’ is on the front handles but on the reverse of the spoons, as a nod to the Georgian era inclination for placing spoons face down on the table. Our Arthur Price products are made in Sheffield, England from the highest grade sovereign stainless steel. Knives have hollow handles, offering a more desirable balance when held in the hand (bolsters also ground down and polished to ensure a seamless transition from handle to blade) Knives with smooth blades, enforcing premium quality Extra polishing throughout the manufacturing process adds more shine

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