George Foreman 18471 Gr20 Family 4 Portion Grill – Black





For over 10 years, George Foreman has been helping the nation grill up great tasting, healthy meals. In fact, by grilling on a George Foreman you can reduce the fat content of you meal by 42, without compromising on taste. George Foreman introduced new designs with innovative features, so you can grill up all your favourite meals with even less fuss. Flush fitting drip trays minimise mess, grill hinges adjust to the size of your food allowing you to cook a slice of bacon as easily as a juicy steak and a convenient adjustable foot can switch down to a flat level, ideal for paninis and sandwiches, or remain angled, so that that fat and grease are drawn out and drip away from your food. And with kitchen spaces becoming ever tighter, the grills are designed to stand vertically – the ultimate storage solution. The George Foreman 18471 grill lets you cook all your favourite foods in a healthier way but in a fraction of the normal cooking time. Color: Black. Material: Other Material.

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