Nest Cam 2-Pack





This Nest Cam 2-Pack will give security-savvy homeowners complete peace of mind. Easy to set-up and install, these Nest camera will work straight out of the box. They’ll also only record when something happens, so there’s no need to battle for internet or worry about memory and storage. These Nest cameras will save and store every movement detected during the previous 7 days, safe in your online account whenever you need it. Even if your security camera are vandalised or stolen, your clips will be safe stored in the cloud. Depth: 57.3 MM Save the clips that matter. Every movement detected during the last 7 days is recorded and stored in your secure online account. Even if your security camera is vandalised or stolen, your clips are safe in the cloud and fully protected. Works straight out of the box, with no recording device required. Y-cam Evo instantly alerts you on your smartphone when motion has been detected. Y-cam Evo only records when something happens so it doesn’t need to battle for the internet with other connected mobile devices in your home. Download our FREE apps from the IOS App Store or Google Play. Sleek and stylish, designed to fit discreetly into any home décor. Automatically deactivates your camera’s motion recording when you arrive home, and activates recording when you leave, based on the location of your smartphone2. No technical skills necessary, just set up from your smartphone and activate your online account. Height: 70.4 MM Width: 52.2 MM

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